By No Means! We’ve Died to Sin!

Hello brothers and sisters~

This past Sunday I gave a message focused on how we are to go about judging fellow Christians in our own body. This judging I was describing was the kind that understands that we all have our own struggles with sin and we all need help to fight our sin. As Hebrews 3:13 says, we need to “exhort one another every day…that none of [us are] hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.” Continue Reading

Look to the Lord

Hello brothers and sisters~

Do you ever struggle with sleep due to anxiety? For example, maybe you’re trying to fall asleep, but your mind has gone down the path of thinking about what is “on your plate” in the days ahead or past. Perhaps it’s an important responsibility you have at work, maybe a difficult conversation you need to have or have had with your spouse or close friend or family member, or perhaps there is some other burden weighing on you—the bottom line is that whatever it is, it is consuming your thoughts and even has your stomach churning in knots causing you to lose sleep. Continue Reading

God’s Satisfactory Justice

Dear Grace~

As promised, I want to pick up pretty much where I left off last week. You may recall that I was addressing the awful circumstances surrounding the tragic sinking of the ferry off the shores of South Korea which ended up killing some 250 teenagers. Specifically, I brought to light the captain (along with most of the crew members) who abandoned ship while the majority of the passengers still were stranded. Continue Reading